The true story of how child migration became
the greatest childcare disaster in Australian history. 

At the age of seven, John's world was turned upside down.  Removed from a family in Britain, he was sent to Australia as a child migrant. Transplanted from the rolling fields of England to a new home in the remote outback - The Bush Orphanage.

This new and alien world was filled with adventure, yet also fraught with danger. It was to bring heartbreak and hardship but also lifelong friendships and untold joy.

The Bush Orphanage charts John's challenging and sometimes hilarious childhood, his fight to establish his own farm, and his journey to discover the parents he never knew. Along the way you'll meet some outrageous Australian bush characters; a collection of larrikins, eccentrics, saints and sinners.

Included in the book is controversial new research revealing how scandals and corruption set the Child Migration scheme up for failure before it even began.

The Bush Orphanage - now available to buy online!